To grow a bonsai is to cultivate the essence of a tree in miniature. Take your time and enjoy the calming atmosphere. Explore the possibilities and share what you find with the community.



- Grow bonsai trees of many shapes and sizes, guided by mouse or touch control.
- 25+ leaf varieties, 10+ wood colours and 20+ pots means endless content to discover.
- A restful score and ambience carries you through a meditative journey, interspersed with dynamic piano improvisations.
- Take photos of your bonsai trees in resolutions as high as your screen, save them in a fully lossless PNG format and use them as your desktop backgrounds, share it with your friends, print it out and stick on the fridge, email it to work colleagues or simply fill up your downloads folder and never view them again. We literally have no control over what you do with the photos.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(85 total ratings)
AuthorVandervas Generator
Made withConstruct, Audacity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Atmospheric, bonsai, Casual, construct-3, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer, tree
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button
LinksCommunity, Support

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i tried my best T-T

it's lovely! Feels windswept :D


thank you!!!!


the alien plant


Looks wonderful and windswept



I love this game. love it most after a long day at work. 

We're honoured to be part of a post-workday destress!

Based off of some trees in me and my gfs minecraft world :) I think it turned out cute!

these are beautiful! Nice work <3


I love my lil orb of creation :>

woah, so do I! It's rather cosmic somehow

oh thank you! that is exactly what I tried to do :) 

(1 edit) (+2)

hope you guys like my octopus ↖(^ω^)↗

and my mushroom log

and my tree in fall




And halloween is almost here...


halloween has pasted 


this is not a bonsai but i wanted to post it


Its honestly a really nice piece of toast

(1 edit) (+1)


do you mean thanks or thank you ◑︿◐

nice toast

(2 edits) (+1)

simple but nice

(1 edit) (+1)
i tried to make it look nice idk if it worked ⊙︿⊙

plus i make a 
STICK MAN saying hello ◑﹏◐


If you think it looks nice, then it is nice! I think its lovely <3

did you like the stick man?


sorta looks like a man 


On the second day, Bunger Mania made a man, and they saw that it was good


it looks like a unicorn on top     ⬇️ see it?    ◑︿◐ 

like it?


100% pink fluffy cloud unicorn

Deleted 201 days ago

Forgot about this until I started taking a bonsai class. Tried to do an incline/shakan style. Really fun little thing.

I think it's beautifully authentic! I hope you're enjoying your bonsai class and having a good day :)


Did this on my iPad even though it’s not the intended media to play this game but nonetheless still super fun! 

what happened :-[

honestly i have no idea lol

iPad gang where you at


fun game to play to let your mind just wonder :D

Beautiful work Kat!

my second bonsai looks like its trying to escape its grave.

uncurling... beckoning...


I think I broke it

That is a shame - please hand over your bonsai badge to the superintendent next time you're at the station. Take a few weeks to think about what you've done here. <3

you did ◑︿◐


Nothing better than a house on a cloud <3


Hey, I just saw this on coolmath games, i was wondering if you gave them permission to use it? Also i love this <3


Hi! Yep they reached out to us for permission - we even developed a custom version for their site, with some unique pots and leaves :D but we appreciate you reaching out to us about this!


Alright! I just wanted to make sure, I know coolmath doesn't have a history of stealing games but i wanted to make sure <3

rainbow tree

rainbow tree?


Had a blast

Thanks! You've made my tuesday morning with this creation :)


Ah thank you so much! Hope you like this one as well :)


A relaxing cloud octopus....

(1 edit) (+2)

It's amazing! I love playing with the leaf color of my tree. Really beautiful and destressing game, thank you! ❤️🌸


the colours, the shape, the mood! this is beautiful. we're so glad it helps you to destress!


When I feel down, I will look at this and get better. :)

so will we! thanks for sharing :)

(1 edit)

2 regards in the form of feedback; 

1. The so called "ficus palmatum" is what i only could imagine really supposed to be "acer palmatum"; Japanese maple

2. Deadwood feature? as in shari and jinning

oh and here are some new creations


only thing i can suggest, you could add button to change background color, sometimes it’s too bright, white leaves against white background. so it’s even better when taking screenshot 🎨


Thanks for the feedback :) we're glad you're enjoying Bonsai Builder. We hope to come back to it someday soon with changes like this one.

(2 edits) (+4)

it was a bit tough to get an interesting shape, but here’s something 🤍

(1 edit) (+2)

Literati style... Juglans? I've never heard of this tree eventhough I do bonsai IRL... 

Anyway I love this program it's such a stress/anxiety relief. Much love to you developer!



I just searched it up and turns out juglans is the scientific name for the walnut family! The more you know...


An amazing tree! We're glad you're having such a positive time with our game <3 and every name does mean something...


i think i unlocked a secret color or something :0 very pretty



I... dont know. it looks kinda cool i guess

There's no standard for coolness we measure against here except whatever you think it is. Thanks for sharing this with us :D


My friend :>

Your friend is wonderful!

My perfect little cloud

a peaceful creation!


This one seemed deserving of being uploaded... 


such simplicity, yet grace of composition... we are grateful to have seen this.

(1 edit) (+4)

obviously there are better trees than my tree but I'm still proud :) Great game!


Thanks for sharing! If you're proud of what you make then I think there can be no better tree.


Kinda sorta managed to take a pic before the foliage started to grow... 

Anyway, here's a tree with an amazing winter image imo :-)


That's a lovely tree, ready to regrow in the spring!




Your enjoyment of the game is all the support we could ask for - don't feel bad about it! Thank you for your comment.

tons of snowmen likes  christmas sakura a upvote means u like it

this is large assortment of snowmen indeed


ISnowman looks at the tree. He approves, but not really.


snowpeople are notoriously hard to please - but we're not! Thanks for sharing.


BWABABJSBAHHAHAHA WHY THE HELL IT LOOK LIKE THAT - it seems there is a glitch in the system :thinking_emoji:

the gardener must always look inward to find the truth

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