You are the wind.
Help the ladybug reach the basket.

Play in fullscreen for the optimal experience.

A prototype made for Round 2 of the GDKO jam.


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can't get wind to appear (with arrow keys)
tried both ff and edge :/

Sorry to hear that! There should be a white cloud in the top right of the screen - that's the wind. If you hold the arrow keys down the cloud will move. Please let me know if you try it again. It's only a prototype so my code is not as strong as it could be!


try full screen, and left click the screen before using arrows, I find this usually solves this, the wind is hard to see when it is still but you should see it or at least tell where it is when it interacts with things

good call for clicking the screen first! it's a strange quirk of either full screening or construct - if there was a menu or something first the issue would sort itself out!


Tried again with extra clicks and indeed there is something moving :O Hope I didn't miss it the first time!
Flinging leaves around is fun.

I'm glad you gave it another shot! Will definitely be looking at ways of making things clearer going forwards!