FerretBall 5 Released

Redefining eSports for the modern era.

After extensive prototyping and testing with the community, VanderVas Generator is proud to finally bring to the world this new interactive eSport experience! FerretBall is a cutting-edge eSports title focused on delivering high citrus action and entertainment. 

FerretBall is a landmark game within the genre of eSports, featuring:

  • Rich, expressive ferret AI
  • Hand-textured sombreros
  • Fully-implemented physics engines
  • High bit-rate teamspeak capable of supporting up to 48 mustelids
  • A dynamic score that responds to the state of the game
  • Premium, internationally sourced ferret dialogue
  • Hi-Grade Lemon with authentic rind particles and juice effects.
  • Fully-voiced cutscene
  • Variable match lengths of between 1 and 6 minutes
  • Vandervas Generator’s Proprietary FerretSpawnerX, able to spawn up to 20 unique ferrets simultaneously

FerretBall 5 Patch notes

Increased ferret fur diversity
Removed ferret fur detail
Adjusted intro cinematic and timing
Background audio levels tuned to increase conversational muffling
Upgraded to FerretSpawnerX
Missing credits have been found
Game no longer restarts infinitely on first reload
Lemon agitates ferrets when inactive
Fixed bug where lemon agitates ferrets after game is concluded
Music fades out at end of match


FerretBall5.zip 128 MB
Aug 26, 2018

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