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I was already enthralled with this game in the first five seconds, purely as a highly "hashtag-aesthetic" racing/walking sim. The successive sections I discovered (shooting aliens-->puzzle frog holes-->puzzle frog scales-->aimless clicking dance party) kept me asking "wait, you mean there's MORE!?" I'm seriously impressed!

My one piece of critique: I was glancing over at my second monitor (with your submission entry form) during the puzzle frog's first puzzle sequence, and I realized I didn't actually catch the instructions fully. I kept clicking on the frog hoping that it would just repeat what it said earlier--it had an excellent variety of dialogue options, but no exact repeat of the puzzle rules/goal. 

(lol'ing at the "math" tag on this game XDDD)

EDIT: thanks for making the primary controls mouse-click-only! That makes it very accessible and enjoyable! but also, really liked the easter egg I found on the "dance party" screen where pressing WASD revealed other sounds!)


This game is entirely math-based, I don't know what you mean.... :D

But honestly, thanks for your kind words and critique! We're busy working on a full release!

Just ooc, how many people worked on this? I couldn't quite tell if there was a credits list in-game and I didn't see one on the itchio page


We are two people. The general split for our games is one does programming/modelling, and the other does sound design/soundtrack/writing, and then level design is shared. Although in this one there was some overlap because of the scale of the game!

That makes a lot of sense! I'm surprised at how small the team was, but the strength and synchronization of your collaboration energy really shows!


what a cool graphic! I love it!

Thanks, and thanks for making a playthrough of our game!


Didn't expect the CGA palette challenge to show up in a 3D game but here we are. A+ for the presentation. Very radical.

Cheers! Stay frosty my dude